Dear Lucy approved for Pipedrive Marketplace

Dear Lucy Pipedrive Marketplace.png

Dear Lucy has been officially approved for the Pipedrive Marketplace. Dear Lucy integrates effortlessly with Pipedrive and our dashboards make it easy to keep track of sales and to share sales data across the organization.

Pipedrive Marketplace is a place to discover apps and 3rd party integrations that enhance and expand Pipedrive. There are over 100 integrations and they all come with a simple and quick installation process.

Dear Lucy sales dashboards provide a quick and easy overview of Pipedrive sales data and make it easy to communicate results effectively across the company – also to those not using Pipedrive themselves. Dear Lucy is a cloud-based solution and it looks great on everything from smartphones to office TV screens.

Dear Lucy sales dashboards include five dashboards, all designed for different purposes:
– Overview dashboard for the leadership team
– Dashboard for the board of directors/investors/stakeholders
– Two reporting dashboards for the sales team (pipeline view & team member view)
– Tv-screen dashboard for the office

With the new integration flow, the set-up is really easy: sign up for Dear Lucy, log in and add your Pipedrive authentication. The sales dashboards will be automatically populated and you can modify and tune them to suit your needs.

For more information and to sign up for a free trial of the sales dashboards, head over to Pipedrive marketplace.

For a short tutorial on the Marketplace, head over the Pipedrive Academy.