Other Dashboard Solutions


Marketing Dashboards for HubSpot

Dear Lucy marketing dashboards provide key metrics to track the marketing funnel and the amount and sources of leads. The “plug & play” dashboard includes one dashboard with more high-level metrics for the management, one designed for the marketing team and an example of dashboard that could be put on on a TV screen.

We currently offer “plug & play” dashboards for HubSpot Marketing.


Social Media Dashboards

Dear Lucy has a “plug & play integration” with Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. By connecting Dear Lucy to your social media accounts, you automatically get dashboards that include key metrics for reach, followers and engagement and the most recent post for each channel.

The first dashboard provides key metrics for impressions, engagements and followers for the past 30 days. The second dashboard shows year-to-date figures allowing you to see longer-term trends at a glance. Dear Lucy also lets you to set goals for each metric.


Web Analytics Dashboards for Google Analytics

Dear Lucy integrates with Google Analytics and provides you with “off-the-shelf” dashboards for website analytics. Connecting Dear Lucy to Google Analytics provides you with two dashboards that include key figures of users, sessions, bounce rates, goal conversions, traffic sources and more. The first dashboard displays numbers for the last 30 days and the second one includes year-to-date numbers for visualizing longer-term trends.

Man holding iPhone finance dashboard.jpg

Financials Dashboard

Financials dashboard provides a quick overview of the core financial figures of your business – in a format that is easy to share and communicate across the organization. The dashboard provides key graphs and trends for monthly revenue (both confirmed and preliminary figures), monthly expenses, EBIT and EBITDA.

We currently offer “plug & play” dashboards for Oracle Netsuite, Netvisor and Procountor.


Human Resource Dashboards

Our human resource dashboards bring core people metrics to the same view. They make it easy to illustrate the impacts of HR decisions to the top management and to keep track of important metrics in the team. If you run a growth company, you may also want to put up the latest personnel figures from different office to the office TV screen to keep everyone up-to-date.

We currently offer “plug & play” dashboards for Sympa HR and Saima.


Project Management Dashboards

Dear Lucy Projects dashboards connect to your existing Professional Services system and provide you with the 20+ most popular metrics our customers typically keep track of. The metrics are grouped into three dashboards, each designed for different audience and purpose.

We currently offer “plug & play” project dashboards for Visma Severa.