Real-time View to Business Performance

Dear Lucy collects critical business metrics, goals and forecasts into user-friendly dashboards. Automated dashboards save time from manual reporting, keep everyone focused on the right priorities and make it easy to communicate progress across the organization.

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“Plug & Play” Dashboards for Popular Tools

Dear Lucy provides “plug & play” dashboards for the most popular tools for sales, finance, project management, marketing, social media and human resources. 


Why Customers Love Dear Lucy

Growing teams and busy business leaders appreciate simplicity and great user experience.


Real-time Data

Dear Lucy integrates with popular software, and updates data hourly to provide you with real-time numbers of your business. No more guesswork.


Great User Experience

Dear Lucy was created for business leaders and teams who need a “one-click” access to real-time business numbers. Simple, quick and effective.


Dashboards for All Screens

Dear Lucy dashboards have been designed for sharing and the modern, responsive design mean they work seamlessly on any screen size from smartphones to big TV screens.


Fastest Time-To-Money

Setting up Dear Lucy is not your average dashboard set-up where you need to spend hours defining and organizing your metrics and views. Our dashboards are up and running in matter of minutes.

Trusted by Businesses Growing with Data

Our customers are growing teams that cherish data-driven decision making and transparency.


Andreas Sjölund,



“I personally open Dear Lucy sales dashboards each morning. With the time zone difference to Europe, it’s interesting to see how much different markets have sold when I wake up!”


Ken Liebkind, Partner, Alfvén & Didrikson

“As an investor, my biggest challenge is time management and I don’t have time to learn complicated reporting systems. Real-time dashboards are the modern way, and they save time for everyone!”

Dashboards for Everyone

Our dashboards come with pre-built views for different audiences. Customize them to fit your team’s needs.


top management & the board

Dear Lucy dashboards fetch data from your core business systems and show key metrics in real-time. Dear Lucy shows business goals and tracks progress against those goals. Perfect for providing an instant view to key decision makers and to be used as meeting material that gets updated automatically.

Weekly & monthly meetings

Dear Lucy automates regular KPI reporting and saves a lot of time as weekly and monthly reports are available automatically. Our dashboards provide views for both managers and team members and function as a daily tool and meeting material for all involved.



Dear Lucy’s responsive dashboards work on smartphones and tablets, giving a “one-click” access to real-time numbers for sales teams, field-based-personnel and those traveling frequently.



Share company’s key numbers at the office to make sure everyone knows where things stand and can more effectively work together to achieve common goals.

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