Designed for Business Management


Lightning fast set-up

List of “Plug & play” integrations to popular cloud-based systems makes setting up Dear Lucy quick and easy.

Simply log-in to Dear Lucy, add your source system credentials and your first dashboards will appear automatically.

Your first dashboards are ready in minutes - quicker than it takes you to spell d-a-s-h-b-o-a-r-d.

Pre-designed dashboard views

Our pre-built dashboards are designed for different audiences and help you share real-time business data with the organization.

One dashboard for the top management, another one for the sales team, third for the marketing team and one for the office TV screen. With our pre-built views, the set-up is quick and easy.



Goal setting, traffic lights and drill-downs

Dear Lucy dashboards are designed for busy business users who like to get an instant overview of key metrics quickly and easily - wherever they are.

Dear Lucy Goal Editor allows you to set goals for various metrics to make tracking progress easier.

Red and green colors instantly illustrate where you are falling behind and clicking on graphs and widgets provides enough data to draw conclusions and make decisions.



Dear Lucy is a cloud-based software that require no downloads but is accessed easily on the web-browser.

The dashboards are responsive and work just as well on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a desktop computer.

Our “kiosk mode” allows you to rotate selected dashboards on the office TV to ensure your entire team is engaged and tracking the same goals.