Visma Solutions and Dear Lucy to strengthen cooperation


Visma Solutions and Dear Lucy provide a new dashboard solution to Visma clients that is designed to help companies share key business information effortlessly.

Visma Solutions, a leading European software company, and Dear Lucy, an agile developer of dashboard solutions, are deepening their collaboration. Dear Lucy’s recently renewed dashboards work seamlessly with Visma’s tools – Visma SeveraValueFrame and Visma Netvisor – and make it easier to leverage real-time business data in company management and internal communications.

“We are focusing on software partnerships that enable Finnish companies to improve their own business in an agile and sophisticated way,” comments Jussi Pekkala, Strategy and Marketing Director, Visma Solutions. “Dear Lucy is an important piece to improve knowledge leadership throughout the organization,” Jussi continues.

With this new collaboration, Visman customers will be able to combine key business metrics from Visma systems into the same dashboard experience – be it in sales, finance or project management.

“Working with Visma is natural for us. We have done a lot of development work to develop our dashboard concept and new integrations, and now we are able to provide Visma’s customers with an easy turnkey solution, ” comments Taina Sipilä, CEO of Dear Lucy.

Visma Netvisor is a cloud-based solution for real-time financial and payroll management and it is used by nearly 25 000 organizations.

Visma Netvisor is a cloud-based solution for real-time financial and payroll management and it is used by nearly 25 000 organizations.

In addition to Visma’s products, dashboards can also include information about marketing campaigns (HubSpot), web analytics (Google Analytics), basic social media information (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) or even HR system information (Sympa, Saima). All of these come with pre-built dashboards.


Real-time dashboards are specifically designed to track key business metrics that are constantly monitored. Dear Lucy’s browser-based tool extracts key business figures from Visma’s tools, providing an easy-to-use overview of the key numbers and the ability to drill deeper into data. One can also use Dear Lucy to add goals for various metrics in order to track progress in real-time.

Dear Lucy has pre-built dashboard packages for sales, project management and financials:

  • The sales dashboards bring together key sales metrics from Visma Severa or ValueFrame. The solution has dashboards for top management, the board of directors, the sales team and the rest of the organization. The dashboards also include a real-time sales forecast and a comparison to the set goals.

  • The project management dashboards collect key figures from Visma Severa or ValueFrame and display key figures related to projects, working hours and capacity utilization.

  • The financials dashboard provides a summary of key economic indicators: revenue, expenses, EBIT and EBITDA. The dashboard is ledger-based and displays both confirmed and provisional financial figures from Netvisor.

The financials dashboard includes the key financial figures of the month from Visma Netvisor.

The financials dashboard includes the key financial figures of the month from Visma Netvisor.

With the help of Dear Lucy dashboards, real-time business figures from different systems are instantly available – not just on request. This saves a lot of valuable working time as teams don’t need to spend time digging out the basics numbers for weekly meetings, reports, or presentations. Dashboards are also a great way to share information across the organization.

“With Dear Lucy, we were impressed by the clarity of the information and the ability to gather information from different systems to support decision-making,” says Kari Ryynänen, ISV Manager at Visma Solutions. “In addition, testing and buying the product have been made especially easy for customers,” he continues.


Real-time business dashboards are a modern and powerful way to automate basic business reporting. The easy and simple interface allows the sharing of key information transparently and widely in the organisation. This way everyone has the same knowledge of how the company is doing.

Dear Lucy dashboards are web-based, and the dashboards can be used in many ways as part of everyday work. Teams can save hours of work as key reports are updated automatically. As reports can be found in a single location, there is less need to email reports back and forth. This also increases data security as access to dashboards can be controlled.

Shared knowledge of the key metrics increases understanding of interdependencies within the company and enhances collaboration and decision-making at all levels of the organization.

The latest sales figures are easy to check from a smartphone or a tablet while on the go and important reports accessed on a daily basis from own computer. Furthermore, dashboards can be viewed on a big screen at weekly or monthly meetings. Selected dashboards can also be rotated on the office wall allowing the selected dashboards to be visible to everyone at all times

Dear Lucy dashboards work well as part of internal communication and selected metrics can be displayed on the office wall.

Dear Lucy dashboards work well as part of internal communication and selected metrics can be displayed on the office wall.

According to Dear Lucy, dashboards are used by companies in many different ways:

“One company wants real-time sales data on the smartphones of the entire sales team, another one appreciates the opportunity to share real-time sales forecasts with board members, and the third uses dashboards as the most important meeting material for the executive team”, Taina describes.

“What is common for all our customers is the desire to share business information openly, streamline decision-making, and increase the organization’s response time based on real-time information”, Taina continues.

Dear Lucy allows companies to create separate user groups for different teams and stakeholders and to give each team member access to the relevant information – easily and securely.

The basic idea of Dear Lucy is to provide well-thought-out, pre-built dashboards for different situations. This way, the customer does not have to spend valuable working time building dashboards from scratch, and the most popular metrics are immediately available for the next meeting. Each organization can then customize the views to suit its own needs.

For more information on Visma dashboards, visit the Visma product page. Dear Lucy is also listed on the Visma Netvisor Marketplace and the Visma PSA Integrations website.


Visma Solutions
Visma Solutions Oy is the leading cloud-solutions provider in Finland, and it offers solutions for SMEs to run and manage their business. Today, Visma’s solutions are used by nearly 70 000 organizations in Finland. Visma Solutions product family includes Visma Netvisor, Visma Severa and ValueFrame, Maventa and Visma Sign. Visma Solutions is part of Visma Group that employes more than 9500 experts across 16 countries.

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Dear Lucy

Dear Lucy designs intelligent yet user-friendly business intelligence solutions for busy executives and their teams. Dear Lucy draws data from popular enterprise systems, calculates critical KPIs and shows trends and predictive forecasts on real-time, responsive dashboards. Dear Lucy is a privately owned scale-up company with customers in the Nordics, the UK and the US. Dear Lucy is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

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