New Human Resource dashboards for Sympa HR

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Nordic HR-service provider Sympa and Dear Lucy launch a new, smart Sympa HR Dashboard to help HR teams illustrate the impact of human resources decisions. 

Sympa is the fastest growing HR solution provider in the Nordics. Founded in 2005 in Finland, Sympa helps organizations operate more efficiently, and make smarter strategic decisions through its complete HR software. Currently, more than 600 organizations around the world use Sympa HR to power their HR operations.

Sympa and Dear Lucy have been working together for years and now bring out a new solution that takes HR reporting to a whole new level. The new Sympa HR dashboards draw key personnel data from Sympa HR and show the most popular Human Resource metrics in real-time – ready to be shared with decision-makers across the company.


“Top management is often bombarding the HR team with requests for reports on core HR metrics which takes up a lot of time from the team,” describes Petri Lankinen, the Sales and Marketing Director of Sympa.

With the Sympa HR dashboard, the important HR metrics are automatically available for the decision makers when need be. This saves a lot of time as the dashboards eliminate much of the manual reporting done nowadays in organizations.

“The dashboard has gotten excellent feedback and they’ve proven to be especially valuable for companies with several locations spanning across several geographic areas” Petri concludes.

The HR dashboard concept has been designed as a result of numerous client projects carried out with customer organizations in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands.

“We’ve had the pleasure to work with many excellent HR organizations across the Nordics and have gained a good understanding of what today’s HR is looking for” explains Taina Sipilä, CEO of Dear Lucy.

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The new dashboard solution includes three HR dashboards designed for different audiences. In total, the dashboards display 25 of the most popular HR metrics. Dear Lucy is a cloud-based solution and the dashboards work effortlessly on every device from smartphones to big tv-screens at the office.

“The dashboards include all the basic HR metrics that are relevant for the entire organisation such as the current number of employees in various locations”  Taina explains.

“You’d be surprised to learn how many companies struggle to produce this data easily. In addition, the dashboards also include more sophisticated metrics such as the number of unwanted leavers” Taina continues.

There are three different dashboards:

  • The top management dashboard includes key overview metrics such as the number of employees, amount of new employees, the number of leavers as well as the main reasons for leaving and cumulative working hours and absences.

  • The HR team’s own dashboard includes more detailed information and looks at employees by contract type, further data on absences and further details on unwanted leavers.

  • The package also includes an example of a dashboard that can be put on the office TV screens showcasing the number of employees in various locations – especially relevant in fast-growing companies where new colleagues are joining the team weekly.


“Sympa HR has a sophisticated reporting engine and vast reporting possibilities” explains Petri. “As we combine these with Dear Lucy’s great usability and sharing features, I believe we have created something really special” he continues.

“The integration between Sympa HR and Dear Lucy is easy and effortless for our customers, and the HR dashboards are quick and cost-effective to take into use,“ concludes Petri.

If need be, Dear Lucy can further customize the HR dashboards to include compensation data, workforce management or recruitment data. In addition, Dear Lucy dashboards can be integrated with many other enterprise systems too such as sales/CRM, marketing, finance or project management.

For more information and a link to a live demo of the dashboards, head over to Sympa’s product page.

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Sympa HR is a complete, fully-customisable solution that lets you focus on people and smart decision-making. It provides companies with a clear, aggregated, view of all their people data, a trusted tool for automating a wide range of everyday HR tasks and unlimited integrations to other software. Backed up with great customer support, it’s currently used by more than 650 organisations and has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates enjoyed by any HR technology available in Europe. For additional information, please visit 

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Dear Lucy

Dear Lucy designs intelligent yet user-friendly business intelligence solutions for business decision makers and their teams. Dear Lucy draws data from popular enterprise systems, calculates critical KPIs and shows trends and predictive forecasts on real-time, responsive dashboards. Dear Lucy is a privately owned scale-up company with customers in the Nordics, the UK and the US. Dear Lucy is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

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CEO, Dear Lucy

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