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Dear Lucy approved for Pipedrive Marketplace

INTEGRATIONS. Dear Lucy has been officially approved for the Pipedrive Marketplace. Dear Lucy integrates effortlessly with Pipedrive and our dashboards make it easy to keep track of sales and to share sales data across the organisation. Pipedrive Marketplace is a place to discover apps and 3rd party integrations that enhance and expand Pipedrive. There are […] Read more Labs and Dear Lucy to partner up

PARTNERSHIPS. We are excited to announce a partnership with Labs - a HubSpot Platinum partner aiming to become the world’s most innovative and desirable HubSpot partner. Read more

New sales dashboard for the board of directors

PRODUCT NEWS. We designed a new sales dashboard for the board of directors. It allows you to give board members direct access to key sales metrics and up-to-date sales forecast. Continuous reporting dashboard saves time, increases transparency, improves decision making and makes it easier to track the impact of agreed actions. Read more

CEO Taina on Salesforce’s Älyradio Podcast

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The founder and CEO of Dear Lucy Taina Sipilä visited Älyradio-podcast hosted by Petteri Poutiainen, the Country lead for Salesforce Finland. Listen to how Dear Lucy got started and how management groups and boards can improve decision making with real-time data. Read more

New: Webinar on Sales Reporting

We are hosting a live webinar on April 9th on real-time sales reporting. Register today to learn what the most effective companies are doing. You will also get to see a live demo of our latest sales dashboards. Read more

New real-time dashboards for sales

PRODUCT NEWS. We are happy to announce our new solution for sales reporting! Our ready-made sales dashboards are quick and easy to set-up, and they provide an instant view to key sales metrics and an always up-to-date sales forecast. And they are accessible on all devices for all relevant teams. Read more

How to set goals with Dear Lucy

PRODUCT NEWS. To make your goal setting as easy as possible, we are launching a smart new Goal Editor! Watch our video tutorial and get started today. Read more

Looking back: Top 3 themes that shaped 2018

FOOD FOR THOUGHT. For our end-of-year post, we picked the top three themes that truly shaped our year in 2018. With this post, we would like to thank all of our customers and partners, and wish everyone a joyful and relaxing holiday season! Read more

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