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Success Stories

Case AINA: Real-time data equals better decisions

SUCCESS STORY: When AINA Wireless started using Dear Lucy, CEO Maximilian LeRoux quickly noticed improvements across three areas of the business: financial reporting, employee morale, and operational efficiency. Read more

Case Valamis: No more Excels!

Valamis Group is an award-winning developer of digital learning solutions. As Valamis took on Dear Lucy, Excel-reports were to first to go out the window. Watch the interview with CEO Jussi Hurskainen and COO Esa Turunen on how they solved the reporting and communications challenges of a rapidly growing company. Read more

Case Urbaser: From bulletin boards to the digital era

RenoNorden is the Nordic region’s leading private waste collection and transportation company. RenoNorden’s fast-growing Finnish operation delivers refuse collection services across the country, and has a current market share of 15%. Using Dear Lucy, RenoNorden moved the follow-up of its KPI measures from physical notice boards to virtual dashboards. Read more

Case Sympa: Sales and marketing KPI’s into a real-time dashboard

Sympa, the provider of comprehensive HR systems as cloud service, adopted Dear Lucy’s dashboards for the real-time presentation of sales and marketing KPIs. Sympa no longer needs to spend time with powerpoint presentations to communicate critical business indicators to the entire organization. Read more

Case Fondia: Transparency and timeliness to key figures

Fondia Plc is an innovative legal services company that manages sales with data – the modern way. Old-fashioned Excel files and manual reporting procedures were let go as Fondia adopted a real time sales dashboard from Dear Lucy. Read more

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