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Success Stories

Case OptoFidelity: Dear Lucy is a Display Window for Data (video)

Dear Lucyn käyttökokemus OptoFidelityssä

OptoFidelity is a Finnish company designing and building automated test measurement systems. The company was founded in Finland back in 2005. Besides the three offices in Finland, OptoFidelity has two units in the US and one in China. Due to the global working environment, availability and accessibility of data was a significant challenge – until Dear Lucy entered the picture. Read more

Case RenoNorden: From bulletin boards to the digital era

RenoNorden is the Nordic region’s leading private waste collection and transportation company. RenoNorden’s fast-growing Finnish operation delivers refuse collection services across the country, and has a current market share of 15%. Using Dear Lucy, RenoNorden moved the follow-up of its KPI measures from physical notice boards to virtual dashboards. Read more

Case Sympa: Sales and marketing KPI’s into a real-time dashboard

Sympa, the provider of comprehensive HR systems as cloud service, adopted Dear Lucy’s dashboards for the real-time presentation of sales and marketing KPIs. Sympa no longer needs to spend time with powerpoint presentations to communicate critical business indicators to the entire organization. Read more

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