OptoFidelity designs and builds automated test measurement systems. The company was founded in Finland back in 2005. Besides the three offices in Finland, OptoFidelity has two units in the US and one in China. Due to the global working environment, availability and accessibility of data was a significant challenge – until Dear Lucy entered the picture.


Starting point

Pertti Aimonen, the CEO of OptoFidelity, says he discovered Dear Lucy around the time their business was expanding and they faced communication challenges between the units overseas. Back then, all data was spread between Excel sheets and various software, which meant compiling the data for monthly meetings required a lot of time and effort.

”Wasting time for finding data made our lives extremely difficult”, describes Heikki Rantsi, COO. ”Also, comparing data was challenging. We often had to question whether the data was reliable and correct.”


Information travels between continents

OptoFidelity currently employs approximately 150 people. It’s obvious not everyone is interested in the same information. Thanks to Dear Lucy, all data is now available whenever needed, and most important, it’s easy to find. Also, the data is always up to date as it can be checked on Dear Lucy real-time.


”Now all our data is in one place and available for everyone online.”


”With the help of Dear Lucy, we’re able to follow what’s happening between different units; what kind of projects we have in the US and what’s going on in Europe”, Aimonen describes. He says Dear Lucy is an essential part of OptoFidelity’s everyday business; it allows showing real-time information to colleagues on a smartphone or showcasing data on screens during a coffee break.


Aimonen praises Dear Lucy’s ability to grow with their company’s needs. The software needs to adapt whenever their business goals or focus points change. Dear Lucy can be easily connected to new software, like the famous Excel. ”The key point is that Dear Lucy keeps developing by itself, not only based on our feedback.”


”The software needs to keep developing by itself.”


OptoFidelity recently integrated Dear Lucy with Google Analytics. It was a significant improvement compared to the past when the analytical data was only available for the marketing department. Now anyone in the company can view and explore what kind of traffic they get on their website.


Good software is easy to use and pretty to look at

Rantsi praises Dear Lucy also for its ability to fetch data automatically from OptoFidelity’s existing systems. He compares Dear Lucy with a display window that reveals the internal data that has previously been hidden.

HR Specialist Veera Salpalahti admits being a fan of Dear Lucy, too. She mainly uses the software for updating company-level information, like adding new employees or announcing upcoming events. ”I love the visual look of Dear Lucy, but also its ability to keep all information in one place available for all of us.”

Rantsi emphasises the importance of using Dear Lucy regularly and exploiting all its functions. It’s the only way how all employees learn that all data is finally accessible in one place.


”Without Dear Lucy, we’d lack a great source of information but also the vital transparency.”