Winled provides its customers lighting design services and led lights. The company made day-to-day operations easier for both the CEO and the regional sales reps by adopting Dear Lucy’s sales dashboard. Now the sales figures are available to the whole team, transparently and in real-time. 


Winled, based in Tampere, Finland, manufactures led lights and also offers lighting design services to its customers. Winled currently employs 20 persons and makes 3 million euros in annual revenue. Geographically the company’s focus is in Finland for the time being, however it’s also planning on expanding overseas in the future.

Getting started during the winter months of 2017

Winled has organized its sales so that its own sales people are responsible for different regional areas in Finland, and it also has an extensive network of resellers. Ville Reijasalo, CEO, says that collecting and processing data for the sales team’s use had started to demand quite a chunk of his time. “You can’t really call it smart and efficient use of time if the CEO regularly puts together sales reports, collecting the data manually from various systems. On top of that time-spend, we also took time to actually review the reports, which was only necessary because of the presentation format”, Reijasalo explains.

Having met with Dear Lucy at the Slush event in 2016, Reijasalo and his team continued exploring the possibilities for cooperation, and it was soon time for the exact specifications of reporting needs.

Making sales data easily available comes across as appreciating the sales team’s work

Winled adopted Dear Lucy’s dashboards into use in phases during spring 2017. At the time of specifying the exact needs, Reijasalo outlined Winled’s “dream dashboard” that served as the starting point for the design work. Naturally the aim was to get rid of manual data collection and processing, in other words to make sure the dashboard would seamlessly integrate to the backend systems such as Visma Netvisor. In addition, Winled wanted the dashboard in the Finnish language, and a neat look and feel wouldn’t hurt either.

Ville Reijasalo says that more than anything, he wanted to give his sales team what he had promised: A real-time and visual display of how the sales situation was developing. He wanted to make sure every sales person had an up-to-date view of sales in their pocket as they moved around in the field.

Real-time sales dashboards – and a hint of competition

Reijasalo is happy that his team now has the sales data updated once every hour and automatically brought to each sales person’s mobile device. One can view the sales situation by geographical region, by customer, and by product. It’s also possible to itemize the reseller sales figures to a great level of detail.

One natural consequence of the transparent view into sales is that it stresses a certain competitive positioning among the sales people. “It’s clear that a sales person is also interested in how the situation develops for the ‘friendly rivals’”, Reijasalo smiles. “We wanted to make the sales dashboard genuinely transparent, so now that the numbers are visible to everyone, it of course adds a little competitive twist to the team’s work.”

Winled has good experiences from the sales dashboard, and as next the plan is to construct one for the key financial figures, plus another dashboard for the lighting design team only. “The sales guys made the lighting design team jealous for their fancy dashboard during the summer party, so here we go, the lighting designers want an own one”, Reijasalo gives a laugh.