Petri Lankinen Sympa 2017
Sympa, the provider of comprehensive HR systems as cloud service, adopted Dear Lucy’s dashboards for the real-time presentation of sales and marketing KPIs. Sympa no longer needs to spend time with powerpoint presentations to communicate critical business indicators to the entire organization.



Sympa is the fastest growing HR service provider in the Nordics with 70 employees in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. The software itself is used in more than 50 countries. Sympa helps companies improve their employees’ motivation and development. Sympa also saves time for its customer organizations through automatizing their traditional HR routines.


Manual processing of data felt old-fashioned

As an ambitious company expands, especially overseas, sales figures become highly interesting even on a daily basis. Sympa used to work together a powerpoint presentation every month that covered the key sales figures, to be reviewed by the CEO, management team and the Board of Directors. In addition, the country-specific team meetings received their own sales figures weekly. Investors and other interest groups sometimes also required ad hoc reports.

“I used to spend at least one day in each month to manually collect and process data into different reports”, says Petri Lankinen, Sales and Marketing Director of Sympa. “The figures were crucial information for us in the management team and more widely in the organization, yet repeating the same manual procedures every month to pull the KPI figures together felt rather old-fashioned, to be frank. In addition to sales data, we were also interested in for instance the marketing indicators stored in Hubspot. However, not many were willing to go and navigate in the system by themselves even if they had access to it”, Lankinen points out.


Bye bye, powerpoint!

In spring 2017, Sympa channeled its sales and marketing KPI’s to Dear Lucy’s dashboards. The Sales Dashboard was adopted into use by the management team and the Board, and also by the investors. At the same time, in the spirit of transparent leadership, access to the dashboards was given to the entire Sympa personnel. Through the Sales and Marketing Dashboards, KPI figures are available by specific regions and teams. As the latest addition, a Customer Success Dashboard has also been created.

As a result, Sympa no longer uses Powerpoint slides at all to support meetings in the management team, or the other teams for that matter. “Dear Lucy’s dashboards genuinely make our job easier”, Petri Lankinen says. “No CRM system would have allowed such comprehensive dashboard views that we now have, however with these dashboards we have real time access to our key figures. These days I spend a couple of hours to prepare myself for management team meetings, as opposed to the entire workday that I used to need earlier. Our teams can also concentrate on other things than manually feeding processes with data”, Lankinen continues.


Dear Lucy’s team offered consultative support

In the end, Petri Lankinen thanks Dear Lucy for consultative help in putting together the right set of KPI’s for Sympa. “It was very productive to toss around ideas and receive constructive feedback from Dear Lucy’s team of experts. They also had a lot of ideas from the point of view of developing our business. We didn’t have a full set of readily thought-out requirements at the outset of our project, however Dear Lucy’s team was flexible and we decided the best KPI’s for Sympa together. Still, as a project it was sufficiently easy and a straight-forward one”, Lankinen describes.