RenoNorden (part of Urbaser since June 2018) is the Nordic region’s leading private waste collection and transportation company. RenoNorden’s fast-growing Finnish operation delivers refuse collection services across the country, and has a current market share of 15%. Using Dear Lucy, RenoNorden moved the follow-up of its KPI measures from physical notice boards to virtual dashboards.



RenoNorden in Finland operates in 22 cities where the company’s trucks collect and transport waste and materials for recycling. The fleet is managed out of five cities only, which results in a lot of distance working for the management. RenoNorden actively develops its operations to match the modern standards, and the company saw lots of opportunities in adding transparency to KPI monitoring through digital services.


Starting situation in summer 2017

RenoNorden wanted to visualize and communicate not only the HR and financial performance indicators but also those of the operational efficiency. The goal was to display the KPI figures both at the overall level and by regional units, and the company also wanted to make selected indicators constantly visible to the entire personnel.

Earlier the same indicators had only been displayed to the truck drivers in paper format on physical bulletin boards. The management, in turn had tens of Excel tables to maintain and process into regular analyses. RenoNorden wanted to modernize these time and effort-consuming old practices.


Dear Lucy to replace the papers on notice boards

Dear Lucy offered an ideal solution that not only brought the KPI data to beautiful and easy-to-use digital displays, but also made it possible to scale up the usage later on if needed.

The implementation project was initiated after the summer holidays, and four dashboards were built for RenoNorden: operational efficiency, financial standing, personnel figures, and the efficiency of personnel. The backend systems where data was retrieved from included Visma Business, Sonet, Sympa, Traffilog, TCS, and Google Drive.


” This was one of the few IT projects that I’ve been involved in where the vendor was actually interested in the customer.


”The best thing about our Dear Lucy implementation process was absolutely the way in which the project was pulled through by Dear Lucy’s professionals”, says RenoNorden’s COO Kalle Hakala. ”This was one of the rare IT projects that I’ve been involved in, where the vendor has actually demonstrated keen interest in serving the customer. Normally when you contact an IT vendor, they tend to get back to you only after a few weeks if at all. In this project, we agreed on regular checkpoints and the work was conducted swiftly. Process-wise it was a very successful project and we also received what we ordered”, Hakala continues.


Results and next steps

RenoNorden’s management and personnel now have real time visibility to the company’s important performance indicators through different devices as opposed to the old notice boards. Dear Lucy has also made it possible to let go of the traditional Excel hassle by bringing the data into one place and automatizing the calculations between tables. As next, RenoNorden will consider extending the KPI dashboards to also cover sales figures, once the new sales backend system is fully operational.