Dear Lucy
Intelligence. Lucidity. Reactivity.


Dear Lucy combines all your critical business data, goals and forecasts into one intuitive platform. Dear Lucy enables better decisions and faster reactions. Dear Lucy helps to keep focus and drives for achieving goals.






Pure Cloud

Cost efficient. Convenient and continuously available. Backed up and recoverable. Quickly deployed and easily integrated. Device and location independent.


Pre-built connectors ready to be deployed and option to set-up new integrations efficiently to your existing software.


Exceptional user experience (UX). Explorable, responsive, manual free.


Drill-downs to understand entities and trends and do comparisons.


Strong visualisations on success or lack in performance. Graph options to communicate data in real-time or tracking in timeline.


Browser-based and optimized to suite mobile devices, tablets, laptops, large screens.



Pre-built connectors allow plug-and-play connecting with only adding user credentials (e.g. Google Analytics) or with small specifications depending on the source (e.g. ERP’s).


Integrations to other (e.g. custom software) can be engineered efficiently directly or via existing connectors (e.g. Google Sheets, Excel, CSV).

Other Data Sources

Admin user rights allow adding data directly to Dear Lucy and present a valid method within more rarely updated data or systematically non-existent data (e.g. goals).


High security, privacy, availability and recovery are ensured on application, data and access jointly with world-class data centers. Security audits are performed by independent auditors.

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