Intelligence. Lucidity. Reactivity.


Dear Lucy combines all your critical business data, goals and forecasts into one intuitive platform. Dear Lucy enables better decisions and faster reactions. Dear Lucy helps to keep focus and drives for achieving goals.



You won't need a user manual or training programs to use Dear Lucy. Our cloud-based dashboards are easy to use on any device and can be implemented across the organization.



Dear Lucy dashboards present data in a format that's easy and quick to understand. Clicking the graphs allows you to drill-down to more detailed data so you can, for example, see which deals made up your total sales last month. Your team can also set goals in Dear Lucy to provide you with an instant overview of how you are doing.



Our pre-built integrations to the most popular CRM, marketing, finance and human resource software make implementation quick and easy. You can complement the pre-built integrations with additional data sources to get all your KPIs into one dashboard solution.


Pure Cloud

Dear Lucy is quick and easy to take into use and our flexible pricing is designed to allow wide-spread use across the organization. The cloud-based solution works on web-browser on all devices - from smartphones to big TV screens.



Our dashboards have been designed to be used in internal and stakeholder communication. Red and green colours indicate whether you are under or over your target. You can also set goals into Dear Lucy to make sure goals and results are both visible on the dashboards.



Browser-based and optimized to suite mobile devices, tablets, laptops, large screens.



Supported Connectors

Pre-built integrations to the most popular cloud-based systems make it easy to bring data to Dear Lucy dashboards.


The dashboards can also bring in data from other systems by utilizing spreadsheet templates (Google Sheets, Excel Online) or CSV-file transfers.

Other Data Sources

Admin user rights allow adding data directly to Dear Lucy and present a valid method within more rarely updated data or systematically non-existent data (e.g. goals).


We deal with critical business data and practice industry standards and best practices to keep your data safe and secure. We are GDPR compliant and our customers’ data is always stored encrypted. Our security audits are performed by independent 3rd party auditors.

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