We designed a new sales dashboard for the board of directors. It allows you to give board members direct access to key sales metrics and up-to-date sales forecast. Continuous reporting dashboard saves time, increases transparency, improves decision making and makes it easier to track the impact of agreed actions.

The board of directors make decisions on business strategy and major investments and needs to have the latest view on company performance and a solid forecast of the future. But only a few companies provide their boards with easy access to business data.

Dear Lucy’s real-time dashboards allow you to provide your board members with direct access to core sales metrics, real-time. Individual board members can be invited to access a selected dashboard and each member can view metrics whenever it suits them – on a laptop, tablet or even on mobile.

Providing board members with constant access to the latest figures is a great way to keep the board members up-to-date and allow them to access data whenever they need to. Real-time dashboards are also an easy way to increase true transparency and improve the productivity of board meetings. When board members can see the core data whenever they like, they can follow the progress also in-between meetings. What’s more, meetings can focus on drawing conclusions, identifying options and making decisions without the need to spend lots of time going through status reports.

The single most important component of the dashboard is the cumulative sales forecast. It shows all won deals this year and calculates forecast by adding up the value of all deals in the pipeline by date, multiplied by their probability. The forecast can also include a goal to make tracking of the forecast easier.

In addition, the board dashboard includes key performance indicators that provide an overview of sales performance. Those are:

  • won this month (both in € and #)
  • the value of the offer base
  • value of deals added to pipeline this month
  • # of recently lost opportunities
  • latest won opportunities as a list
  • win rate %
  • value of the sales funnel by funnel stage
  • largest offers expected to close this month as a list


If you are leading in a growth company with several key investors, you might even want to share the dashboard with them to boost transparency and help you save time from drafting reports.

Five dashboards for different user groups

All in all, our sales dashboard package includes five ready-made dashboards that have been designed for various user groups. Those are:

1. Dashboard for the management group highlighting trends and overviews
2. Dashboard for the board of directors focusing on sales forecast and key performance indicators
3. Dashboard for the sales team focusing on the sales pipeline
4. Dashboard for the sales team focusing on the individual performance of the team members
5. An example dashboard that can be put up on a tv screen at the office

Pre-built dashboards for a quick start

When you order our sales package and log in to Dear Lucy for the first time, you will automatically have all five dashboards up and running. This way, you do not need to spend precious time designing dashboards from scratch or defining which individual metrics suit you the best.

Once you have your own data flowing to the dashboards, it is a lot easier to modify them and customize them to your exact needs. Once the dashboards are up, you can define a separate user group for each one, depending on how widely you like to share the dashboards and who should have access to which one.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the renewed dashboards. Head over to our demo and see what you think!