Dear Lucy is hosting a free webinar on April 9th on real-time sales reporting. Register today to learn what the most effective companies are doing.

PLEASE NOTE! The webinar has been held. You can watch the webinar recording.

We have met with hundreds of companies across the Nordics, and have learned a lot on how the most effective companies approach sales reporting. We decided to pull together all our lessons learned, and would like to discuss those with you.

Our webinar “Sales Dashboards That Make Sense: An easier way to monitor, forecast and share sales performance” will be held on Tuesday, April 9th at 15 Eastern European Time (EET).

During the 30-minute webinar we will discuss:

  • Top 5 challenges of today’s sales reporting: Challenges and pitfalls with CRM sales reporting today. What are the most effective companies doing differently?
  • Top KPIs for sales: What are the most popular sales KPIs we’ve seen companies use to keep track of their sales?
  • Dear Lucy’s approach to sales reporting: Examples of real-time, responsive sales dashboards created with Dear Lucy for various stakeholder groups.
  • A special offer for Dear Lucy dashboards: All attendees receive a special offer for Dear Lucy sales reporting package, so stay tuned!


The webinar is hosted by our Customer Success Director Hans Kjellberg and our Marketing Director Hanna-Leena Back.

Register to our webinar on the registration page.

If you would like to send your questions already in advance, ping those to us per email.