Our new Business Goal Editor makes setting and tracking goals a breeze. Here is a short introduction on how to use it, and a quick video tutorial to get you started quickly.

Dear Lucy provides a real-time view to core business metrics so you always know where you stand. One of our most-loved features are the color-coded widgets that change color in real-time depending on whether you are under or above your goal.

To make your yearly goal setting as easy as possible, we are launching a smart new Business  Goal Editor! The Goal Editor lets you set and modify goals quickly and easily directly from the Dashboard view.

Watch our quick tutorial below where our Customer Success Director Hans walks you through the main steps.

How to set goals in Dear LUcy

With the Business Goal Editor, your team can

  • Set goals either top down or bottom up – whichever method you prefer
  • Define goals for relevant business dimensions – be it business areas, geographic locations or people
  • Define goals for different time periods – year, months or quarters
  • Set goals that reflect the fluctuations of your business throughout the year
  • When relevant, you can also use constant goals


Once you have set the goals, they are immediately visible on your dashboards and Dear Lucy automatically tracks your performance against them. The changing red and green indicators make it really easy to see – even on a daily basis – how you are doing in different areas and where you need to improve.

One neat feature of our Goal Editor is our “On Track” option that you can use for goals that are typically reached at the very end of the time period. When “On Track” is turned on, Dear Lucy will automatically calculate the pace of your performance and indicate a green light when you are on track on reaching your goal for the period. That way your team can see that they are progressing towards the goal at a right pace.

Once you are done setting your goals for the year, make sure you share the dashboards to everyone in the organization. That way everyone can see progress, identify things they can do to influence the performance, and join in the celebration as the numbers turn green!

The Goal Editor is available for Admin users, so please make sure the right people in your team have been defined as Admin so they can be involved in goal setting.

If you have questions on setting goals with Dear Lucy, do use our chat or contact us at support@dearlucy.co.

Happy goal setting!