The founder and CEO of Dear Lucy Taina Sipilä visited Älyradio-podcast hosted by Petteri Poutiainen, the Country lead for Salesforce Finland. During the podcast, you’ll hear how Dear Lucy got started and how management groups and boards can improve decision making with real-time data.

What if your board of directors had a constant, real-time view to your company’s key performance indicators? What if the management team did not have to spend precious meeting time going over endless Excel and PowerPoint reports but would have constant access to KPIs – also between the meetings? How would decision making change?

Älyradio podcast discusses the current state of data driven management in Finnish companies and lists concrete examples of how real-time business data can be utilized even today. During the podcast, Taina also shares her personal story of becoming a software entrepreneur and how Dear Lucy really got started.

Listen to the podcast below (in Finnish):


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Älyradio is podcast series by Salesforce Finland where guests discuss the different ways in which digitalization is utilized in companies today. You can access all episodes on the Salesforce Finland website.