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Monitor business performance in real-time and make smart decisions based on data and facts

Put an end to manual reporting

No more manually collected reports and presentations for managements groups, team meetings, board or personnel: our cloud service brings your business metrics, trends, goals and forecasts easily accessible in real-time for your whole organisation. We provide you with automised data collection, KPI calculations and strong visualisation – with your favourite device!

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Case OptoFidelity: Dear Lucy is a Display Window for Data (video)

Dear Lucyn käyttökokemus OptoFidelityssä

OptoFidelity is a Finnish company designing and building automated test measurement systems. The company was founded in Finland back in 2005. Besides the three offices in Finland, OptoFidelity has two units in the US and one in China. Due to the global working environment, availability and accessibility of data was a significant challenge – until Dear Lucy entered the picture.

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